Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our software is compatible with all versions of Microsoft SQL Server from 2005 forward. You can use SQL Server Express as well.
Yes you can. You can do so by using the "Query Screen" to select fields and set ranges to perform searches. If you have advanced level SQL experiences, you can also run direct SQL queries as well.
ACE has the ability to break an item into multiple parts, up to 26 to be exact. Each part is barcoded with and has its own chain of custody report to ensure a solid chain of custody.
Yes; you can select a time frame and ACE will list which items are out..
Yes, ACE can accept locally established rules. It will require both party's compliance to complete specific transactions.
ACE can have as many users as needed. A single ACE workstation can have only one user logged on at a time, but can have an unlimited number of users accounts. ACE can have as many access points as you require and can easily expand as need arises.
Yes, there are a variety of ways in which ACE can be customized to suit your agency's needs. Contact us today at 540-721-1000 with your specific requirements to learn how ACE can work for you.
Yes, reports can be customized in a variety of ways and exported into an Excel document.