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Is there no uniformity in your data entry? Searching is useless when people can enter whatever they want. ACE keeps everyone on the same page. ACE uses customizable NCIC coding to drive consistency which enables ACE to effectively search for and manage data.

Maximizes NCIC Rules

ACE is designed with pre-constructed, fully adjustable NCIC tables. These tables are editable and allow the department to create layers of classification for property. In utilizing this approach, ACE ensures that data entered can be recovered easily with ACE search engines. Need to find a red .45 caliber revolver with four bullets? You will find it easily with ACE.

Protect Delicate Data

It is estimated there are over 100,000 untested SAKs (Sexual Assault Kits) sitting in evidence vaults across the nation. Many of these kits sit due to lack of funding to send these kits to the lab. And some of these kits are simply lost on a shelf. The problem with most evidence systems is that they are too flexible when managing the input of data. A particular SAK might be classified as "Sxl Assault Kit, Rape kit, S/A kit, SA kit.... and so on. While these appear similar, they are not in the eyes of the computer and searching for that particular kit can be daunting. In ACE, we consistently use the NCIC code Y SAKIT. It's the same every time. And you will find it every time. Did your previous system allow too much flexibility? Did they bend when they shouldn't have? Don't choose the wrong system to protect your evidence.


Track all money and transactions for your law enforcement agency. ACE accounting functions track all money that comes in; showing deposits, withdrawals, checks, etc. Track money on hand and/or in the bank. When you release or log information into the system, the module will automatically update all amounts and maintain an active calculation of what is available.




Does property come in faster than it leaves? We want to help you manage and move property out! Send mail-merged release letters to claimants based on events that you set. Send disposition ticklers to your department to inquire about specific property. Use time delay features to program a status change in advance. Establishing an ironclad chain of custody is only half the battle. Warehouse space is more and more expensive. If more items come in every day than leave, it won't be long before your budget implodes.

Free Up Space in the Evidence Room

Major crimes and DNA evidence require permanent or long-term storage of many items of evidence. With so many pieces of evidence you are required to save, ACE is essential in helping you manage the property that can ultimately be released. With our active disposition feature, ACE helps to ensure evidence does not collect dust by using advanced decision table technology to move items from HOLD to final disposition.

Time Delay Processing

Items may be placed on a Time Delay Status for a number of reasons. Local laws may require a mandatory holding period for found items, a prosecutor may request that certain evidence be held for a particular length of time before it is returned or destroyed, or the defense may request evidence held for an appeal period. Whatever the reason, Time Delay allows ACE to hold property for a specified length of time and automatically transact upon it when its date becomes due. An officer may need to table a dispo? decision - You can even set a time-delayed data review!

Final Destination

Included within ACE is the ability to track and maintain Disposition Orders. ACE generates a report with item options for officers so they may easily select the next necessary item action by indicating it on the printed report. The system tracks who received a disposition order, and who has not yet responded; ensuring that each item is addressed in a timely fashion. For claimants, ACE makes sending release letters easy by creating mail merge files to generate department-specific letters defined by the criteria you set! And for property needing disposal, let ACE auction features get your department organized for an auction to maximize income stream back to the department.


ACE organizes your processes as well as your evidence room. Lock Down Security ensures that, once entered, a piece of evidence remains unalterable. Every item of evidence is automatically tracked from collection to final disposition. ACE does not miss a trick; it maintains the who, what, when and why of the rules of custody. Smile! Your department is fully protected in court. Make the case instead of making headlines!


ACE reduces human error by acting as a guide and a gatekeeper in the maze of regulations that apply to the receipt, movement, and eventual disposition of evidence and property. The ACE system will significantly increase the accuracy of evidence impounding/booking and protect the rights of people and interests of the department via proper security of information.


Another advantage of ACE over a manual system is its ability not only to record information vital to each case, but to also document all transactions that occur relative to that case ... right down to the item level. ACE does all the work for you, by compiling a comprehensive item history report that can be delivered directly into the hands of the prosecutor.


Built from the ground up with law enforcement in mind, ACE ensures only authorized staff can perform tasks in the system. An ACE administrator defines access levels across the department ensuring that ACE data remains unalterable. Entered items are handled specifically as dictated by state and local statutes or as established by command.


ACE has evolved over twenty-five years to adapt to changing rules and regulations and to the needs of individual departments. Some of these innovations have led to expansion modules which provide additional operational efficiencies for the department. In addition, the software has created web interfaces to allow access to ACE data from remote terminals.

ACE Portal

The ACE Portal is a web-based application that runs on a local in-house web server and is a platform for our newest ACE enhancements. Once deployed on your server, it provides instant access to all computers connected to the network reducing impact on your IT department. Through the portal, the Electronic Disposition Order module and Mobile Inventory Manager modules can perform their functions. With the EDO module, an email is sent to each officer in the agency where there is property needing their attention. They follow the link in the email and EDO can make necessary changes to dispositions to help the property team purge items no longer needed. The MIMs module is the Inventory Management solution that lets you escape from your desk into your evidence warehouse to complete tasks. Move items from one location to another and generate lists including Pick Up and Drop Off Lists allowing for effective remote warehousing. ACE custom reports will come to life through the portal and allow other parties access to defined segments of the property department, such as with the Prosecutor Secure Access feature.

Expansion Modules

As your department evolves, so does ACE. Get the customizations you need without compromising the regulations you must meet. With add-on modular capability, you can enhance the functionality of an already robust property and evidence solution. Click HERE to see what optional modules may be needed in your department.

Hardware Solutions

ACE can interface with most barcode scanner and printer combinations and we can provide you with the equipment needed to get started. With the Mobile Inventory Manager feature, we recommend tablet devices (iPad or Android) for maneuverability in your evidence sections. Leave the tablet on the table and scan inventory with ease with a portable scanner no bigger than a toenail clipper.


A simply tenacious support and development staff maintains your software at peak performance, upgrading you to new versions, and designing creative solutions to customize ACE to your department's specific needs without compromising requirements that your department demands.

Top Tier Training

You have evidence that has been in your vault for twenty-five years. We have a trainer that's been in ours longer. Now that you have the best, you need to be trained by the best. We offer onsite training (recommended), webinars, and training provided at our corporate headquarters at beautiful Smith Mountain Lake. Additional training is available in the form of refresher training and new expansion training as needed.

By Your Side

Reach us by Phone (540-721-1000), Email (sales@evidencecontrol.com), Trouble Ticket, or Chat. Our support team is here to help you fix any problem that arises. Out of the gate we are in lockstep with you as you set up your initial software. We are proud of our long history of world-class service after the sale!


Our development team can create custom interfaces to communicate with your existing RMS (Record Management System), CAD, or LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) from any vendor. By doing so, you will be able to retrieve data from your other system and import the data directly into ACE. It will also allow you to verify and correct all data coming in from your ancillary system. This will significantly reduce redundant data entry and build a more accurate reporting system.