Press Release – Mobile Inventory Manager (MIM)

September 2015 – Software Techniques Inc has added a new module to ACE with the release of Mobile Inventory Manager (MIM). This newly introduced application provides the same trusted features that the CE Device Software provides, but upgraded in a more active capacity. The MIM module works on both a wireless or wired network via a windows-based wifi device.
The core of AIM provides three main functions:

  1. Real Time Inventory: Perform inventory checks of any evidence storage location in your system and see in real-time how much of the inventory has been completed. Any items that exist in the location will display a waiting population. Any items that are scanned and do not belong in the population will immediately display in red on the device, notifying you of the location error so that it may be resolved.  The scanned inventory will actively store an audit in the ACE system to produce reports.
  2. Move items and instantly record new item location. When you need to move an item, MIM will instantly notify you if the item is available to be moved. There is no longer a need to wait or to sync to the main ACE system before performing a move. It is done in real-time with the move transaction recorded in real-time.
  3. Create, Open, and/or Modify an existing List. The MIM module works on a wireless network with a portable windows-based device that allows you to create, open, modify, and add to an existing list.

For more information on ACE, or for press contact information call 540-721-1000. Active Control of Evidence (ACE) is a product of Software Techniques Inc. © 2015

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