Press Release – Milestones

June 2015–  A new ACE Module has been released by Software Techniques Inc. The Milestones Module will now allow agencies to track events and tasks as defined by the user, adding to the already large list of tracking capabilities already built into ACE.
This module will allow agencies to track events and tasks that go beyond the normal tracking of property and evidence. It will also allow law enforcement agencies to track their own specific tasks and use it in a variety of ways.
For example, one agency may add a milestone that tracks whether or not an item has been assigned to a lab and if it has been returned. By customizing and tracking such results, the Milestone Module will allow departments to generate valuable statistics and details based on all of the information entered into the module.The system can be set up to track a multitude of options such as:

  • Were Witness Statements Taken? (Has to do with Case Investigation)
  • Did a Questioned Documents Expert examine the Item? (Has to Lab Work and Case Investigation)
  • Was the Surveillance Video reviewed and by whom? (Case Investigation, Prosecution, and Lab Work)
  • Was a Lab Report Written? (Lab Work)
  • Did the defendant file a motion for Appeal? (Disposal Processing and Court Disposition Clearance)
  • Was Asset Forfeiture or Seizure processing started? (Forfeiture and Seizure Accounting)
  • Was an Impound Item Damage report filed? (Impound)

For more information on ACE, or for press contact information call 540-721-1000. Active Control of Evidence (ACE) is a product of Software Techniques Inc. © 2015

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